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STAT-Marine is a service and engineering company specialised in offshore Oil & Gas industry. The niche market and expertise in maintenance Field Operations department constantly brings the company to the need to improve the quality of its studies and deliverables. The STAT-Marine main client is TOTAL Exploration & Production.

(In close collaboration with STAT-Marine engineers and draftmen)

  • Deploy 2 web applications in the customer's infra-structure TOTAL E&P in Congo for the maintenance management of offshore cranes as well as the data and inspection priorities management in application to the deep water operating equipment (Bluebase™ tool)
  • Create a 51 minutes animated video in 6 chapters on the technical description of a gas field in the North sea
  • Create 3d technical presentations for inter-active educational purposes
  • Establish a structured XML document editing solution in the design office
  • Support design office engineers (management of change applicable to XML edition)

2017 WORKS

  • Complete redesign of STAT-Marine web site. Integration of Spanish translation of the interface.
  • Conception of a desktop interactive web application to gather a deep water project Subsea networks technical information.